Welcome to Ms Chawdhury

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 4B,

My name is Monalisa Chawdhury and I am a pre-service teacher who will be working with Ms Patane in class 4B over the next five weeks. Some of you might have already seen me last year as I was with Ms Patane in the grade 3/ 4 area.  I am looking forward to bringing some wonderful lessons to your child’s learning. It will be my pleasure to meet you in person during my placement.

Warm Regards,


Forces and Functions

This week during Inquiry, we were set the challenge of designing a straw that would move a ping pong ball the furthest.

Before conducting the experiment, we began our science report. We wrote the aim and hypothesis as well as the materials we needed to make our straw. We then designed and made our straw. The best part was testing the straw.

We discovered that the smallest straws with a narrow hole, moved the ball the furthest.  The winning distance was 5.87mt        Written by Sang and Ascia




DRSABCD, First Aid Incursion

St John Ambulance Australia is committed to promoting the importance of first aid in the community and believes that there is no better place to start than in our schools.

On Monday the 23rd of July, Ellie came to talk to the students at Bethal about basic first aid. She focused on teaching the students about DRSABCD. The students had a chance to practice on each other. 

Up, Up and Away!!!!

As part of our inquiry topic ‘Forces and Motion’, students planned and constructed a paper aeroplane. Their design brief was to design a plane that could fly the furthest. We then took turns in flying our planes. The plane that travelled the furthest distance was designed by Touger, his plane travelled a distance of 10.2mt. Everyone had fun.

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to a busy and exciting Term 3! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and stayed warm in the cold weather.

We have a busy term ahead with an excursion planned to Scienceworks on the 15th of August and an incursion on Friday 24th August. 


Introducing Mrs Slade

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 4B,

My name is Mrs.Slade and I am a pre-service teacher who will be working with Ms.Patane in class 4B over the next four weeks. I’m excited to be at Bethal Primary School and look forward to meeting you and getting to know your child during this time. If you see me around, please come and say hello.

Warm Regards,


‘Lest We Forget’

Wow!! What an amazing day at the Shrine of Remembrance. On Friday the 11th of May all the curious 3/4 ‘s went to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. We had so much fun and learnt so many interesting things. We went there as part of our inquiry topic ‘Into The Unknown’.

Written by Gulnisa

My favourite part was seeing the statue of Simpson and his donkey. By Valentina

I enjoyed looking at the carved figures on the outside of the Shrine.  By Atakan

It was interesting to find out that there is a trap door under the Shrine. By Yogan

It was very emotional reading the letters that soldiers had written to their families. By Ascia

Welcome to Term 2

We have had a very busy start to Term 2. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and ready for an exciting term.

On Thursday the 19th April we had a visit from ‘Everbright Dental’. Whitney explained the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. We received a show bag with lots of goodies to keep our teeth healthy.

Harmony Day

On Wednesday 21st of March Bethal Primary School celebrated Harmony Day . This year our message was ‘Everyone Belongs’. We all wore orange and worked together to create a poster using our hands. In the afternoon we had a picnic with our families on the oval. Our favourite part of the day was singing ‘What a Wonderful World’.